EMPLOYEE State Insurance ACT (1948) - E.S.I.C

Universal HR Coprporate Services

♦ Preparation of Monthly ESI Challan
♦ Maintaining of E.S.I.C. Ragister
♦ Filing of Nomination
♦ Submission of Half Yearly Returns
♦ Inspection under the Act Accident Register

New Company Registration

♦Filing of necessary papers and obtaining ESI registration code number for new establishment within prescribed time as per Act.
♦Online Registration of the employees
♦Online date entry of the Insured Persons on ESI web portal as per new amendment.
♦Scanning of Individual/Family Photographs and Signatures of the Insured person and uploading it for obtaining ESI Numbers.
♦ Online Temporary Identity Card (TIC) Printing.
♦ Obtaining Permanent Identity Card (PIC) from the ESI Branch office

Monthly Process:

♦ Preparing and Maintain of Form No. 7( ESI Regulation No. 32)
♦ Form No. 3 (Regulation 14)
♦ Online preparation of Challan thru ESIC web portal & deposit into bank within prescribed time as per Act. (Effective from August-10 as per new amendment)
♦ Provide help and prepare the documents in case of accident or demised employee.
♦ All assessment & inspection from ESI department, when required.
♦ Reply of Notices etc. from the concern authorities.
♦ Information with regard to any amendment/changes in the act will be informed immediately.

Half yearly Process:

♦ Prepare Form 6 (Statutory half yearly return) for Main code and sub codes nos.
♦ Form No. 01-A (Annual Return)