Legal Expert in HR Related Matters

Universal HR Coprporate Services

provides a comprehensive range of industrial relations consulting services and support to employers. We provide the necessary advice, tools and assistance throughout the various processes of labour relations, working to ensure the best practical outcome for our clients.

♦ General advice on labour legislation and the practical application thereof in the workplace.
♦ Sending legal notice if employee is absconding and not turning up with in a particular period of time.
♦ Advising on and acting at conciliation and arbitration in all labour disputes between Employee & Employer in the Labour Court.
♦ Take legal actions to end the contract, and claim financial compensation for the damages incurred.
♦ Advising on and drafting employment contracts
♦ Advising on disciplinary and grievance procedures
♦ Advising on and chairing of disciplinary hearings
♦ Advising on termination of employment and preparing necessary documentation.
♦ Advising on and assisting with retrenchment procedures
♦ Advising on Employment Equity Act compliance
♦ Dealing with Trade Union matters, including wage negotiations and industrial action
♦ Drafting disciplinary codes

We also provide periodical information of various amendments pertaining to Labour submission of various forms and returns.

Personal audit work can undertake as per clients requirements.